Welcome to OverCast! 

If you are looking for a server with no PvP, no grief, no lag, and a team of amazing and mature staff, you have come to the right place! This server is a small community of players ranging from ages 5 to 55. When you join OverCast, you are greeted by friendly members and welcomed by the online staff, and you become a part of the community. 

Our server is set up via MyWorlds. We have two main survival maps that you can play on. The one you will start on is the Resource map. This map is for people who are newer to the server. You are able to demolish terrain in this map, and collect resources. The second map is the SMP+ map, for people ranked knight or higher. This map is mainly for building, and less for destroying terrain. If we see any demolished terrain in SMP+, such as flattened mountains or torn-down forests, we will reset the terrain in that area. If you choose to join us on OverCast, we recommend that you wait on building your most amazing houses until you are a knight. The inventories between the maps are connected, so you can gather resources from the resource map and take them and use them on SMP+! The two maps are pure survival; only sponsors can spawn items, and they can spawn only for themselves. We rely on GriefPrevention to protect our builds from grief, so get a gold shovel, place a chest, and start claiming your builds! We also have McMMO active on the survival maps, so enjoy earning skill levels and climb your way up the McTop Leader Board!

We have other maps in OverCast as well. We hold events on some of these maps, and some maps are only pulled up during events.  Temporary Map  We have a temporary, harder survival map. The map includes losing inventory upon death, creepers exploding, no time-changing or weather-changing commands, and no /back upon death. You will be able to take a select amount of items from the temporary map back to our main Survival map, and the Temporary map will be reset after a week of play.  Build Contest  You can participate in a build contest. You will be given materials to build with, and a theme to follow. We judge contestants at the end of the time slot. Time slots will vary depending on the contest.  Art Gallery  We have a map full of the amazing things our server has built. We have some towns that are a part of our history, and some cool sculptures and amazing projects, ranging from pixel art to the Milan Chapel.  Minigames Map  You may pick a minigame and play it with other server members. There are many spleef arenas, mini golf, PvP arenas, Thread the Needle, and much more!  End Map  We do not keep the End up constantly on OverCast. We do, however, pull it up every now and then for a crusade to the End, where the entire server can take part in slaying the Enderdragon together, and then collect endstone and enderpearls to their hearts’ content.  OverCast offers many various plugins, which we advise you to learn how to use. We may add or remove plugins as needed. We have some plugins that are not listed here, but these are the ones that will be useful to know.  Plugins  GriefPrevention  McMMO  MyWorlds  Essentials  PermissionsEX  Votifier  WorldGuard  ChatFilter  Ranks King: This is the server owner’s rank. Azurago is the only player with this rank. The server owner has all possible permissions, as well as console access. Prince/Princess: These are the admin ranks. In collaboration with the owner, the admins run the server. Admins are given all permissions necessary for maintaining the server. Admins have access to log in while vanished. Admins also have console access. Duke/Dutchess: These are the moderator ranks. Moderators are given all permissions necessary for assisting the admins in maintaining the server. Noble: This is the senior (18+) staff rank. It is also a half-staff rank. Nobles are given sufficient permissions to monitor the server and help out in times of need. Count: This is the submoderator rank. It is also a half-staff rank. Submoderators are given sufficient permissions to be the eyes and ears for the admins and moderators. They report incidents to the admins and moderators. Mage: This is the sponsor rank. Donate at www.overcast-mc.com to help out the server, receive exclusive perks, and become a sponsor. Anyone with an [S] prefix is a sponsor. Sponsor permissions vary depending on the amount donated. Baron - This is the highest non-staff rank. Players with this rank have been a member of our server for a substantial amount of time. Knight - This is the full member rank. Players are given this rank when the server owner decides they have been an active, well-behaved player for a good amount of time. Full members may teleport, request time changes, and request weather changes. Page - This is the new member rank. Players are given this rank when the server owner recognizes your activity on the server. New members are given permissions to set homes and use /back. They also may accept teleportation requests. Peasant - This is the new player rank. Players are given this rank after passing the quiz on the server rules. Basic permissions are granted to Peasants. NeedPerms - This is the rank given to any player who has just joined the server for the first time. Read the rules in the maze and pass the rules quiz to be promoted!